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Using Cookies to Increase Conversion Rates

May 30, 2011

Using a shopping cart that can deploy Cookies to your visitors’ computers can help you increase your conversion rates and save incomplete orders. Scenario; lets say that you have a visitor browsing your store. He or she adds several products to the shopping cart, then the visitor gets distracted or runs out of time and […]

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Translating Your Shopping Cart into a Different Language

May 24, 2011

There are 2 pieces to translating a Shopping Cart: Translating the front-end (for the users) Translating the back-end (for the merchant)   Depending on which Shopping Cart you are using for your website, you will need to inquire with the developers whether or not they have their back-end software in different languages. This is something […]

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BigCommerce 7 Upgrade Frozen Temporarily

May 16, 2011

Affecting ONLY BigCommerce 6 users. BigCommerce decided to temporarily pause software upgrades to existing BigCommerce 6 users. They found that some stores had their inventory levels wiped out after the upgrade to Version 7. This problem did not affect ALL customers but it did make some red flags come up and the people from BigCommerce […]

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The Importance of Up Selling Tools

May 13, 2011

Up Selling tools are like the impulse buy racks at your local grocery store. These racks contain easy-to-grab products while you are waiting to checkout. On the online world, up selling tools can be really useful and quite profitable. Lets say for instance, your visitor has added a black pair of sweat pants and you […]

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Open Source Shopping Carts

May 5, 2011

While there are many paid shopping cart platforms to choose from, there is also a handful of what is called “Open Source Shopping Carts“. These platforms are FREE to download and do not have a monthly fee to keep them running. What are the benefits of using an Open Source Shopping Cart? Well, basically it […]

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