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Vendio Pulls It’s Free Service

April 26, 2012

For the longest time Vendio provided online merchants with a FREE version of their ecommerce platform. As of this month, Vendio stopped providing this option and now it’s lowest plan starts at $19.95/month. You may not see this reflected on most of their website, as it still display’s “free online store” all over the place. […]

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QuickView Option in BigCommerce

April 18, 2012

The NEW QuickView Option in BigCommerce compares to high-end retailers such as The Home Depot where you can click a “Quick View” button that appears on top of the product image while browsing categories and subcategories. This feature speeds-up product browsing as there is no wait for a new page to load and visitors can […]

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Quest to Find The Best Shopping Cart

April 3, 2012

Searching for “THE BEST SHOPPING CART” is like searching for “THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD”. It’s so relative and open to interpretation. We often get asked this simple question: “What’s the best shopping cart?”. And honestly we always answer “Well, it depends”. There are some many variables to every online business that suggesting that […]

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Right-handed Left-handed Shopping Carts

April 1, 2012

Starting this morning with some really useful reading about Mobile Web Development got me thinking… “Shouldn’t mobile shopping carts be tailored to either right-handed or left-handed users?“. I can tell you that I carry around a large HTC EVO and usually browse the web using my left hand. Following the principle of “one eyeball and […]

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