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Today we spent time going over 3dCart’s shopping cart platform and we now want to share it with all of you. If you are looking for a secure and reliable shopping cart for your website, make sure to consider 3dCart. 3dCart offers a 15 Day Free Trial with no credit card required. This review covers 3dCart Version 3.


3dCart Sign-Up

Signing up for a free trial was super easy and it only took 3 minutes to complete the form and get our trial store up and running. The system automatically walks you through a Wizard which you can choose to complete or skip. Entering the information right then is your best option as you won’t need to spend time looking for these configurations later on.

The Main Control Panel is easy to use and has everything you need to get started. A simple left column has all the Main categories for anything you need to do in your store.

3dCart Control Panel 2

You will also find that the Main screen on your Control Panel can be customized with reports that are useful for your every day operations.

3dCart Custom Control Panel

The whole back end provides quick-access links from the footer; including: Online Support, Training Videos, Additional Services, Add Page to my Shortcuts, and an easy Blog link. What is most useful from these footer links is the “Add Page to my Shortcuts. This will do exactly as it says; so lets say that you use the Customers / Affiliates / Payout Report on a daily basis; instead of having to navigate to it every time, you can set it as a Shortcut and it will be added to the list, so next time it is easier to find it and get to it. Nice little feature we liked.


3dCart comes preloaded with 51 store templates and each of them can be fully customized as you have FULL access to HTML and CSS source code. Something we didn’t like; as designers ourselves, sometimes we need to take small steps and refresh to review the changes. Saving the edits takes you out of the source code window so then you have to go back in if you need to change something again. Something we like: a lot actually, was the fact that 3dCart keep the last 10 edits in file, so you can revert to any of those settings at any point. You can also revert all the changes and go back to the original template which is a nice fall-back feature.


Removing the 3dCart branding (links) from the store was easy using the provided access to the HTML source code. All you need to do is delete the [frame_copyright1] tag from the main HTML document and replace it with your own. Removing their link from the Mobile store was a different story. Support told us it is possible to access the source code via FTP but Free Trials don’t get FTP access so we can not be certain this is possible.

Rewards Point System:

3dCart allows you to set a rewards point system right from your admin control panel. Just set the parameters and the $ rate to each point and you are all set. You can have “spend $30 and get 15 points” or any combination you like. Excellent for online stores with point rewards.

Affiliate Programs:

This feature comes standard and it is ready to roll right out of the box. 3dCart allows you to auto approve affiliate requests as well as set up payout rates.

Blogging with 3dCart:

Blogging with 3dCart is easy as it comes with a pre-installed blogging platform.

3dCart BlogBlog posting comes with good SEO tools to fine tune your blog posts individually. Once you publish your post, the system will automatically embed social sharing options that include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and much more.

3dCart Blog2

3dCart is Drop-Shipping friendly:

You set your Distributors from the Control Panel and then assign individual products to each distributor. Shipping gets automatically calculated from the shipping address to your customers and you can choose to automate email notifications to each of your warehouses.

Mobile Shopping:

The 3dCart shopping cart comes ready for Mobile Shopping. No extra fees or anything like that as it is part of every plan. We tested the mobile store on an Android device and it worked perfectly. Easy to navigate and some customization is available as you can add special navigation links. Their documentation says it is optimized for iPhone but testing on Android was a pleasure as well.

Social Commerce:

Setting up a Facebook store with 3dCart is easy, just follow the steps provided to you from the Control Panel and you will be there in no time.

Payment Gateway Integration:

The list of Payment Gateways supported by 3dCart was huuuge! With over 80 Payment Gateway providers there is no way yours can be left out. Integration is easy as you just need to enter the credentials you received from your service provider.

Other Important Features:

  • PCI Certified
  • Single Page Checkout.
  • Minimum Order amount.
  • Log in not required to checkout.
  • Ability for external “Add to Cart” links.
  • Back ordering available.
  • Customize Store Language.
  • Customize System messages like errors messages and such.
  • Phone ordering price override.
  • Tax Manager: Sales Tax by Country, State, and Zip Code.
  • Multi-box shipping settings by individual product.

Buzz Worthy:

Something that caught our attention was their Product Bid System. We found wording in regards to this feature in our Control Panel. This system (as we understand it) would allow you to set a minimum price for a product and set it up for open bid where the highest bidder would then get the product in question. Very exciting feature! See image bellow:

3dCart Bid System

We immediately contacted Support as we couldn’t find how to set up our products with this Bid System. Funny enough; Support didn’t know either or should we say “was not aware” of this option. We were told that this is an upcoming feature for 3dCart Version 4. You can find this currently under Settings / Design / System Messages. Honestly? We can’t wait to try it out!

And talking about Upgrades…

3dCart Version 4 is expected to be released on July 4th. Some new features include: Groupon and LivingSocial integration, Australia Post integration, 10 new template designs, Facebook Send and Open Graph Meta Tag integration. Over 40 new features coming up for this shopping cart! Stay tuned for our review on 3dCart Version 4.

Our overall experience: EXCELLENT

Closing notes:

If you are looking for a stable, solid, and secure shopping cart for your online store then definitely consider using 3dCart. We work day-in and day-out building online stores and this is an excellent option for any online merchant. Give their 15 day Free Trial a chance to learn more about their platform. We are sure you will be impressed.

3dCart Sign Up!

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