This website has been created with the full intention of informing people about the pros and cons of the shopping cart industry. There are so many different options and, although we just scratch the surface here, I try to give you the best of the knowledge I have gathered through my years of experience building and maintaining on-line stores.

I am a full-time webmaster working one-on-one with clients to develop, integrate and launch successful on-line stores. Now more than ever people are looking into the internet to generate additional income. Shopping habits have shifted incredibly from brick and mortar stores to the comfort and speed of on-line shopping. Information travels faster than ever with broadband access, marketing campaigns go viral using social media, and now everyone can get their 5 minutes of fame through live broadcast over the internet.

Feel free to contact me with any new and crazy projects. I am constantly taking over new projects to push the envelope and find new ways to reach people and close a sale for you. Weather you are interested in selling physical goods or digital downloads, I will help you find and inform you of your options.

This website is intended for you to come back often to read new material. The purpose of this website is to keep you informed about the “new”, “the best”, and the “worst” in the shopping cart industry. Interact with other entrepreneurs like you, share your experience and gain valuable knowledge from other people trying their best to get ahead on the on-line retail industry.

It is an exciting venture! The possibilities are endless! The web is growing at an incredible rate and that means more potential customers for your store. Network, learn, and apply the concepts; that’s all you need.

Hopefully you will bookmark this site as the one which provides you with honest information and always points you in the right direction to make your on-line business a successful part of the web.

Best Regards,

Daniel Olvera
Creator of ShoppingCartsForWebsites.com