BigCommerce and Twitter Integration

(Originally posted on 7/26/2010)

Hello everyone,

Today was a day for integration of technologies and I spent some time setting up a new Twitter account for a customer and embedding the Twitter Gadget into their shopping cart to display it on the Home page of their on-line store. Everything was quite a success. I even had the chance to link it to the owner’s cellphone so he can “tweet” whenever and wherever he wants.

What’s the point for doing this? Well, a good way to use it is to let visitors know, in real time, about a specific promotion. Lets say “15% off on all widgets for the next 3 hours“. This way you give your visitors a sense of urgency to place their order. That very well give them the last push they need to make a purchase. Another way is to keep customers, visitors, and followers informed of things going on around your office, like “The NEW red widgets just arrived to our warehouse, expect to see them on our site in the next 24 hours“, this way you engage your visitors and have them coming back.

Be creative! There a hundred ways to use Twitter, it all depends on you.

For more information feel free to post your questions here.

Until next time…

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