Affiliate Marketing for BigCommerce Stores

BigCommerce Affiliate System

Many of you have now realized the power behind affiliate marketing for your own online stores. People blogging about your products and sending you highly targeted traffic is the most important factor when producing leads that can have a higher conversion rate.

Can I use Affiliate Marketing on my BigCommerce Store?

The answer is YES.

Does it include an Affiliate Management System?

The answer is NO but you can sign up for a third-party affiliate management system and integrate it with your BigCommerce store.

How do I Set It Up?

You will first need to sign up for a Third-party affiliate tracking and management system such as Commission Junction or some other service. The affiliate management system will then provide you with an Affiliate Tracking Code that you can copy paste into your BigCommerce Control Panel; simply go to “Settings / Affiliate Settings”.

BigCommerce allows you to set up your Affiliate Tracking Code and you will also be able to customize which information is passed on back to the affiliate program system such as:

  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT%% – The order total in dollars/cents.
  • %%ORDER_AMOUNT_IN_CENTS%% – The order total in cents.
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL%% – The order subtotal in dollars/cents.
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_IN_CENTS%% – The order subtotal in cents.
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED%%  – The order subtotal minus coupon and other discount amounts.
  • %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED_IN_CENTS%% – The order subtotal minus coupon and other discount amounts, in cents.
  • %%ORDER_ID%% – The order ID.


BigCommerce Affiliate Tracking

BigCommerce Affiliate Marketing Tracking System

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