Apple Store on BigCommerce?

Today I was browsing the web and for one reason or another I landed on the Apple Store. Suddenly I was struck by the similarities to a BigCommerce layout.

Take a look at this snapshot:

Apple Store on BigCommerce?


This should be very clear to anyone who has used the BigCommerce platform before but for those of you who are not familiar with it, here is a list of similarities:

  1. Simple Top Navigation bar.
  2. Top right Search Box.
  3. 3 Column layout.
  4. Top Middle section (iPad, iPhones and Mac computers) can easily be a Banner.
  5. Top right persistent Cart Contents.
  6. Left and Right columns are nested in smaller Panels.
  7. Top left Main Categories.
  8. “Popular Accessories” same as “Popular Products” panel.
  9. “New to the Store” same as “New Products” panel.
  10. “Top Sellers” same as “Top Sellers” panel.
  11. “Staff Picks” same as “Featured Products” panel.

Remember that all the Panels’ titles on BigCommerce can customized, so it would only take a few minutes to mirror the same titles for your Panels on the BigCommerce platform.

Why is this Relevant?

Well… all I can think of is… If the Apple Store that sells millions of dollars a year is using a layout and design that looks strikingly similar to a BigCommerce template, then it means that the layout works! From a usability stand point it HAS to make sense or such a big online retailer like Apple would be using something completely different.

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