BigCommerce 7 – Release Announcement

BigCommerce 7It’s been less than 24 hours since BigCommerce announced that BigCommerce 7 is ready to be released.

It’s major enhancement will be on “Product Options“, previously known as “Product Variations”. With a completely redesigned step process system; the new Product Options will allow for greater customization and tracking of your products.

Product Options Enhancements:

  1. Specific SKU number per option.
  2. Weight adjustment per option.
  3. Color swatch.

These new features will allow you to generate more accurate shipping quotes, product reports, and a better shopping experience for your customers. Bottom line: Increased conversion rates.

iContact Integration:

ShoppingCartsForWebsites has always been a supporter of iContact as the best option to manage eMail Marketing campaigns. Today, we are glad to announce that BigCommerce 7 comes integrated with iContact. We are not sure at this point if MailChimp integration from BigCommere 6 has been replaced with iContact on Version 7. These are 2 competing companies, so we are pretty certain that’s the case. Did BigCommerce see something better in iContact? We believe so. Just like we preached from the beginning. Way to go!

Redesigned Dashboard:

A few other minor updates include changes to the BigCommerce Dashboard. Different colors and a new Footer with quick links to tutorials, tools, and other relevant links.

New Fixed Tool Bar:

BigCommerce 7 also comes with a CSS Fixed Tool Bar while on the Products tab. This will allow for quick access to adding products or perform actions even when you have scrolled down bellow the top navigation.

“Featured” and “Visible” buttons have also been replaced with smaller icons.

Mobile Template customization has not been mentioned for Version 7. Many BigCommerce users have been requesting access to the HTML and CSS source code to their Mobile stores but we do not foresee this being part of Version 7.

Overall BigCommerce 7 is coming out with strong new features. Nothing fancy on the storefront; but useful and highly requested upgrades on the backend. Keep checking back as we will Review BigCommerce 7 as soon as it becomes available. For current BigCommerce 6 users; Version 7 will begin to roll out as an update in the next few weeks.

As always; their FREE Trial still holds true with no credit card required. So check it out…

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UPDATE: BigCommerce 7 has been officially released! READ MORE.

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