BigCommerce 7 – Released

BigCommerce 7

As of today you may start your brand new Online Store using the BigCommerce Version 7 as your shopping cart.

Starting today, all new BigCommerce accounts are being started on Version 7. The overall look of the admin area has changed a bit to allow for easier reading and better broken-out sections all around the back-end.

NEW Features Review


eMail Marketing

As anticipated; BigCommerce 7 comes integrated with iContact; and to our surprise, it also comes integrated with Interspire Email Marketer and MailChimp. Double Opt-In and Welcome email are fully integrated from the BigCommerce 7 Control Panel so you don’t have to manually change those settings from the third-party software (iContact or MailChimp).

BigCommerce 7 Email Integration

BigCommerce 7 HelpThere is a funny scientist-looking guy on the bottom right hovering as you scroll down which links directly to the knowledge base to provide you with step-by-step set-up instructions. Nice little feature for extra help.

Variations are now called “Options”

This is probably the best enhancement on BigCommerce 7.

Now you can:

  • add specific SKU numbers and UPC for each product combination.
  • Choose display below the product image or to the right of the image.
  • Add Accessories or Bundles which change the total price automatically.
  • Adjust price, weight, image, or availability per combination.

Changing the weight on each combination is the biggest factor here as this will help you generate accurate shipping quotes to your visitors.


Now you can create bundles of individual products and their inventory counts will decrease individually as bundles are purchased in your store.

LiveChat Services

Live Chat ServicesBigCommerce 7 comes integrated with oLark. oLark is a free chat service that you can use on your online store to communicate with visitors in real-time. Providing a Live Chat option has proved to decrease shopping cart abandonment and boost conversions. BigCommerce 7 also comes integrated with LivePerson and can support other Live  Chat services.

Product Reviews and Comments

BigCommerce 7 CommentsYou can choose between using BigCommerce’s Built-In comment system, Disqus Comments, or IntenseDebate. We definitely liked this as more and more people are using one email account to comment across different websites and can carry their gravatar from one place to another.

ShipWorksShipping Management System

BigCommerce 7 is integrated with Interapptive Shipworks which allows you to manage your inventory shipping. Printing shipping labels is easy with Shipworks. Note: this does require a monthly subscription to ShipWorks.

Access to Robots.txt

We did not expect to see this on BigCommerce 7 but now you have the option to edit the Robots.txt file that resides on the server. The robots.txt file allows you to control how search engines crawl your website and should only be edited by advanced users. This is under “Tools/Robots.txt file”.

Gift Certificates

Access to edit the Gift Certificates is a nice new feature. Works as any other BigCommerce template where you can edit/remove variables, edit background images, style the CSS and more. You may also enable or disable specific Gift Certificates. Available pre-loaded themes are: Birthday, Boy, Celebration, Christmas, General, and Girl. Note: We did not find an option to Rename the current options so you may need to be a little creative if you don’t like the pre-loaded Gift Certificate names.


BigCommerce 7 now integrates with a drop-shipping system called Ordoro. We are not so thrilled about this option to be honest; it requires some time to set it up correctly and it adds a monthly fee to your operations. It is not a 2-way Sync and you need to update product inventory in both platforms (BigCommerce and Ordoro). Basically orders get imported into Ordoro from your BigCommerce store and then sends the fulfillment emails to each supplier. Like we said before; not so thrilled about this new feature.

Unchanged Features

Store Statistics remain unchanged. This section provides you with detailed reports on store traffic, orders, best selling products, product searches, and more.

Mobile Template

Mobile template settings on BigCommerce 7 remain unchanged. No standard access to HTML or CSS on this version. You can still select which devices to apply the Mobile Template to and upload a mobile logo to your store. We do have a post on Customizing the BigCommerce Mobile Template if you would like to read more about this.

Basic Templates

These remained unchanged from previous version. We didn’t find any new templates. Currently there are 95 basic templates to choose from. Access to the HTML and CSS is provided on every BigCommerce plan so further customization is easy.

Main Store Settings

This section remained unchanged. Only noticeable difference are the new Control Panel colors which allow for easier navigation.

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