BigCommerce Steps Up Its SEO Features

With the introduction of Version 7.1 BigCommerce has stepped up its Search Engine Optimization features.

Now you have the ability to choose custom URLs for Product pages, Stand Alone pages, Categories, and News Items.

You can choose your default Settings from your Control Panel or edit your URLs as you go. 301 Redirects are automatically created by the system if you change or update to a custom URL.

This feature has been very well received by the community as it’s been widely requested over the past year.

SEO benefits of custom URLs

Being able to create custom URLs for product pages is specially beneficial when targeting specific keywords. This is just one ingredient in the mix, but it takes us a step closer to full control of our optimization.

Search engines look at many things when crawling a page and URLs is one of them. Now, don’t go overboard and stuff it with keywords, but make it clear to users what they will get when clicking that URL.


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