QuickView Option in BigCommerce

The NEW QuickView Option in BigCommerce compares to high-end retailers such as The Home Depot where you can click a “Quick View” button that appears on top of the product image while browsing categories and subcategories.

This feature speeds-up product browsing as there is no wait for a new page to load and visitors can Quick View multiple items in a very short period of time.

QuickView comes as a great new addition to the BigCommerce Shopping Cart. Something that took us by surprise is that it got rolled out to customers without notice. We received a few emails from clients asking us about this new feature in their stores because they were not expecting it. Most stores got it right from the get go but there were a few exceptions that needed us to customize the QuickView options. Specifically the button color and text, as well as the Popup window background color and a few margins.

Overall, we received this new feature with arms wide open as it will provide visitors with faster browsing capabilities and merchants with higher conversion rates and more money in their pockets.

QuickView from BigCommerce is turned ON by default but it can be turned OFF by going to Settings/Store/Display and scrolling down to “Quick View Settings”. You can also customize your button and button text from this tab.

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