Avoiding 15 Minute Log Out in BigCommerce

Since I work in BigCommerce most of the day I find it irritating that now there is a 15 minute inactivity log out. It may very well be for PCI compliance and security purposes but it sure is annoying.

You've been logged out!

This post relates to working on the Source Code on a separate tab under “Browse Template Files”. I always get logged out because I am so into tweaking the code, adding new features, creating panels and adding all sort of things that I forget about refreshing or doing something in the Control Panel tab.

So here is what I found out…

I use Firefox for most of my daily work so I know it works in Firefox; I have not experimented with other browsers at this point.

  1. Open a new browser window and log in to your BigCommerce Control Panel.
  2. Now log out immediately after logging in.
  3. Bookmark the next page after you log out and add it to your tool bar for easy access. Name it something like “store-name Log In”.
  4. Click your new bookmark and log in again.
  5. Go to Store Design / Browse Template Files to start working on the source code (a new tab opens).
  6. CLOSE your first tab, the one with your BigCommerce Control Panel and keep only your second tab with the Source Code.

Now you can work for several hours on the Source Code without any interruptions. You can even open a new tab and click on your new bookmark “store-name Log In” and your Control Panel will pull right up. No need to sign in or anything! It is like you just kept it open all the time but without having to refresh or do anything in it. Today I logged in, closed the tab, went to lunch, came back an hour later, clicked my “one-click” log in bookmark and “voila”! Control Panel pulled right up.

TRY IT! And let me know if it worked for you.


-Daniel Olvera
Admin for ShoppingCartsforWebsites.com

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