BigCommerce Version 6 Review

It has been a couple weeks now since the release of BigCommerce Version 6. People from all over the world had been waiting eagerly for this update and I was one of them. I have been lucky to be able to work on the previous 5.6 version and the version 6 at the same time since the company I work for already had a BigCommerce store before the upgrade and then we opened a second one already on Version 6.

Not an Easy Transition for the BigCommerce Team

The team at BigCommerce is very open about their communication with their customers and this has proven to be a bad thing on situations when things go wrong on their end. All in all the Version 6 of the shopping cart is a great but they have had a few bugs which they have been addressing one by one on a priority basis. With their Get Satisfaction forum and their Facebook page they have been flooded with angry customers complaining about down-time during the upgrade, unable to access servers via FTP, and some other less severe issues.

I did experience some of those problems the first few days, maybe a couple weeks. But I am glad to inform that those severe issues like being unable to FTP files have been solved. I felt bad for the BigCommerce team, I could imagine their tech support and development teams scrambling around their office working on all the problems. Some customers threatened to switch shopping carts or close accounts but BigCommerce handled them with great finesse.

PCI Compliance

One of their biggest objectives for this upgrade is their PCI compliance certification. This is a standard that all credit card processing shopping carts must meet in order to avoid possible fines for lousy or unsecured handling of credit card information. Unfortunately, as of today, BigCommerce is still not PCI compliant and they claim it is just matter of weeks. For now it looks like they are crediting customers that have been fined by their merchant account processor. PCI compliance has been rolled back to September for VISA and MasterCard.

Problems Did Not Come as a Surprise

Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t get into a brand new shopping cart right away. Just like all the problems with the brand new Apple iPhone, problems arise when a new or, in this case, a huge upgrade is released.

Now That the Problems Have Been Solved

Now the waters are more settled, you will not encounter the problems we faced in the first couple of weeks, and now is a great time to get into BigCommerce Version 6. There are great new features like Mail Chimp integration for e-mail marketing, new Facebook buttons, the brand new Mobile Store template which deserves it’s one blog post, and many other great features that Version 6 has to offer.

Start on a free trial of their software, take it for a spin and then decide if you are ready to get on board for a great on-line selling experience.

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