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With more and more people browsing and surfing the internet from their mobile devices eCommerce needs to get on board with this trend and provide a mobile shopping solution for their target audience.

An excellent option is setting-up a BigCommerce mobile store.

Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Shopping:

Desktop and laptop computers are way ahead of mobile devices on speed and ram memory which enables them to run massive amounts of data on a few seconds. Smart phones, PDA’s and other mobile devices have more limited resources and an on-line store that runs and displays well on a desktop or laptop computer may not be as “user-friendly” on a mobile device. That’s why you need to tackle both worlds on today’s competitive on-line retailing.

Do I Need 2 Different Stores? One Mobile and one for Desktops?

Short answer: No, you don’t. And I am going to recommend you try the mobile store included on Version 6 of the BigCommerce shopping cart software. I just started working on it yesterday and I was blown away by it’s performance and ease of use! So much that I added it to my “Must Blog” list.

Now when you work with BigCommerce Version 6 you have an option to enable your Mobile on-line store. With the flip of  a switch or, in this case, a checkbox. Your store will turn into 2, one mobile version and one desktop version. Is this an additional feature or something you need to pay extra for? No, it is part of your basic plan with BigCommerce.


There is really nothing to configure about your mobile store. All you need to do is select the devices you want to enable for your mobile store. Right now it supports:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iTouch
  • Apple iPad
  • Palm Pre
  • and Android bases devices

I was impressed when I started working around with it’s functionality. Surfing the store is quick and easy. First of all you have a Navigation Menu with “Home”, “Cart”, “Search”, “Wish List”, and “My Account” buttons. These stay with you at all times while browse through the store. Then a Main Banner at the top that acts as a Home Page link. You can easily upload this image from your BigCommerce control panel. Then you can see all your main categories listed in alphabetical order.

Mobile eCommerce

You can browse through all your categories the same way you do on a desktop computer. Images get re-sized and display perfectly on the mobile device. “Add to Cart” buttons display for each product before the Description, this way you can move customers faster to your checkout page.


At this point you can not customize the look and feel of the mobile template other than uploading your own top banner for brand recognition. There is a “Powered by BigCommerce” link at the bottom of the template that many people, including myself, have requested to be able to edit or remove. Unfortunately there is no way to do this at this time. Honestly I don’t find it to be a problem considering that BigCommerce deserves some credit for such a great feature but I understand that many business owners don’t want to let their competition know their “secret” shopping cart.

If you want to start making money on the mobile world you must give this shopping cart a try. Start on a Free Trial version and reach thousands of customers that need to shop on the go.

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