Removing BigCommerce Link from Mobile store

Breaking news!

Yes, it is possible to remove the link from the footer of your Mobile BigCommerce Store.

Only one week after breaking the news on Adding a Minimum Order in BigCommerce I am back to announce that the link on the footer of your Mobile BigCommerce store CAN be removed.

The new Mobile Store that was added to BigCommerce’s feature list has been a great tool for many online retailers but many of them have been waiting to activate it until BigCommerce allows them to remove their link from the Footer. Some of them want to keep their Shopping Cart platform a secret from their competitors and it is totally understandable. Why let your competitors know which platform you are using?

So I started experimenting with this a few days ago and got really good results. Please watch the following video which shows the Mobile store on an iPhone.

How can I get this implemented into my BigCommerce store?

Easy, just leave a comment on this post and it will shoot us an email with your information which will not be posted but used to contact you. Then, all we need is a temporary User name for your store, set with limited access and once we are finished you are free to delete the user name for security purposes.

Please send your name, company name, and Store URL. We will go from there to get you set up.

Worried About Security?

We totally understand; that’s why we will only be glad to provide you with our business references which include other BigCommerce customers like you in the US and Canada.

Hire DANIEL OLVERA to build your next BigCommerce store!

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