Removing Related YouTube Videos on BigCommerce

Here we are once again tackling an advanced customization for the BigCommerce / Interspire Shopping Cart. Removing Related YouTube Videos on BigCommerce.

Removing Related YouTube Videos from BigCommerce

If you are one of the many BigCommerce users that use the embedded YouTube videos on your product description, then you may be wondering if you can remove the related videos. Well, good news is YOU CAN. Nothing worse than having your competitors’ advertise on your own website and that’s because they may also have a video about that specific product and YouTube links to it automatically; it has happened more than once.

Today I was wondering how to fix this for one of the online stores I regularly work on. If you are familiarized with how YouTube works you will remember that you have the option to uncheck the “Add Related Videos” when you are grabbing the code to embed it on your website but the fact is that it doesn’t work that way on BigCommerce.

On BigCommerce you only have the option to add the URL where the video resides unless, of course, you are trying to embed the video directly into the Description or hard coding it to your HTML file. So how do we use only the URL but keep our store from displaying other videos at the end? BigCommerce gives you the option to work with the Source Code and like I have said before “That’s where the fun begins!”.

Looking at the way YouTube gives you the embedding code I found there was a piece of code that changes every time you select or deselect the “Add Related Videos”. Using that as my guide I went to BigCommerce’s source code and found the Panel and the Snippet where the YouTube code resides.

Simple Solution

All you need to do is add a simple piece of code after a few variables and you will eliminate the Related Videos all across your BigCommerce store. Yes, it is that simple. So follow along and let me show you how to do this; I will skip the part where you upload your video to YouTube as this tutorial is about BigCommerce, not about YouTube.

The extra code you will need to copy/paste is this: &hl=en_US&rel=0

Login to your BigCommerce Control Panel and follow along…

Step 1 – Go to Store Design / Browse Template Files / Panels / ProductVideos.html

Go to Store Design / Browse Template Files and find the Product Videos Panel

Step 2 – Paste the new code in 2 places; at the end of the parameter “movie” and at the end of the embed source

Paste the new code in 2 places

SAVE the new file.

Step 3 – Go to Snippets / VideoList.html and this time paste it to the <li> tag. See image below:

Step 4 – Save and you are done! Go to your store to test the results!

Save your template file and you are done!

Check all your videos around your store. All of them should be clear of Related Videos, including those with more than 1 video on the list.

That’s all; how simple was that? Try it and then come back and share your results.

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