Setting up a Minimum Order on BigCommerce / Interspire

YES, it is possible to set a Minimum Order on the BigCommerce Shopping cart but most people don’t have access to this highly demanded feature. Although it has been requested many times from BigCommerce customers this is not a feature that is built into the software and requires editing some key files on the store’s server.

The good news is that BigCommerce gives you access to this files through your Control Panel and with a few steps you can have a Minimum Order set in your store.

Does this apply to both BigCommerce and the Interspire Shopping Cart?

Yes, this applies to both platforms since they are pretty much the same.

Why is this such an important feature?

There are several aspects involved in the order processing. Small and large orders require time to download the order to your system, printing the packing slip, pulling the products, packing and shipping. Many times if you receive a very small order it won’t even be worth your time to fulfill it and you could actually loose money on it.

How can this be addresses?

By setting a simple Minimum Order in your store you will be letting your visitors know that they need to reach an specified dollar amount before being able to checkout. This can be achieved using a very courteous message that appears on their cart reminding them and encouraging them to continue shopping. Once the Minimum Order amount has been reached, the message disappears and they may continue to the checkout page.

Covering the gaps.

You (or your developer) must make sure that the system is not bypassed by removing any bridges that may take the visitor to the Checkout page without reaching the Minimum Order first. Look for any links that may bypass the process.

Why is this feature not built into the shopping cart from the beginning?

This I do not know. Although the BigCommerce shopping cart is a very well thought platform they still missed this very important and needed feature. Maybe it will be added to the shopping cart in the near future but in the mean time this system works effectively to create this option for the merchant.

Where can I see a working example of this?

I have implemented this into 3 different stores so far. Please visits Browse their store and keep in mind that their Minimum Order has been set up at $20.00. Start by adding something below this amount and View Your Cart. You will find the friendly reminder of reaching the Minimum Order before checking out. Then add something more to your cart and then you will be able to continue to Check Out.

How can I get this implemented into my BigCommerce store?

Please contact me for further details. Right now this is something that I can implement for you in less than 48 hours. You may inquire and I will gladly provide you with references from previous work. All I ask is that you create a temporary User with limited access to your store (I really don’t need to see your sales) and once I am finished I just ask that you delete the user name from your system .

If you are interested please email me at and include your name, company name, and Store URL. We will go from there to get you set up.

Can this be reverted?

Yes, if BigCommerce decides to build this feature into the platform, the custom application may be removed to avoid any conflicts.

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