Mobile Shopping and QR Codes

Many people around the world have realized the opportunity and impact that printed media and QR Codes can have using Mobile Devices such as smart phones, PDA’s, tablets and more, but few have really thought of the possibility of shopping right from the Mobile Device using QR Codes.

Most QR Codes will only lead you to a landing page or a video but we are taking it to the next level by creating QR Codes that can ADD TO CART a product from your store.

Adding the product with simply scanning the QR Code has many advantages:
  1. ONE step to Checkout
  2. Eliminate the middle step of a landing page
  3. Visitors can see the Price and Checkout button
  4. Visitors can add more products to the Cart scanning the next QR Code
  5. Full tracking with time stamp, location, carrier, OS, and more.


Marketers realize the power of putting an object in your hands; flyer, catalogue, leaflet, etc. You can provide instant information about the product on the printed material and add the Call To Action “ADD TO CART”.


And what about using it for donations? There are many uses of this technology but we need to make it easy for the user.


The “ADD TO CART” QR Code functionality is going to bridge the printed material with higher conversion rates on the Mobile Commerce industry.


Not all eCommerce Platforms are compatible with this feature and it just has to do with the way the platforms are coded and the access that you get to the ADD TO CART links. We have prepared a list of Shopping Carts that have been tested and are totally worth checking out.


Go read our post on Top Shopping Carts for QR Codes.


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Happy Mobile selling!
-Daniel O.

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