How to Add Content Below Nivo Slider – CoreCommerce

All the files you need to run a slideshow using Nivo Slider come preintegrated in your CoreCommerce store. However, you may be needing to have your Slider on top and your Body content below it.

We found a simple tutorial to do this by simply switching the order of the following variables on the Homepage template file:



However, doing this gave us an error on the Home Page Categories.

Another way to accomplish this is by adding the content of the Slide Show directly into your Body content. Remember you can use the “Source” button and copy paste raw HTML code.

<div id=”homepageNivoSlider”>
<img alt=”” src=”” title=”” />
<img alt=”” src=”” title=”” />

The above is a 2 image slider using the preinstalled Nivo slider.

Hope you find this useful. It sure worked for us.


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