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Are you looking to start your Email Marketing Campaign on 2011? It can be your best move this year!

Get professional help by hiring local expertise on Email Marketing and eCommerce. Serving the entire Denver Metro area, we are available to meet with you and clear any questions to help you get started. With several years of experience and proven results, you will be getting professional services using the latest technology available.

From Design to Deployment:

We will meet with you to understand your target. Design an Email Marketing campaign from start to finish. Going from Design to Deployment and closing the loop with detailed Reports on the results. Using tools like Photoshop, DreamWeaver, MAC and PC Computers to design an outstanding email piece every time.

Test, Test, and Test Again:

Every email campaign gets tested on all major email clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and MAC Mail using both MAC and PC computers PLUS verified display on the most used browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox (again, on MAC and PC). So we cover all aspects to ensure the best experience for your readers.

Did you say “Mobile”?

Yes, now we are also testing every email piece on Smart Phones before deployment. With more and more people accessing their work and home email right from their phones, it is imperative that we carve each email piece to be displayed properly on these devices.

Higher Conversion Rates than Bulk Mail:

Targeted email campaigns will produce higher conversion rates than using regular Bulk Mail techniques. That’s because most mail pieces never make it to recipient PLUS there is an extra step involved between a printed material and your website. Email marketing provides an extremely fast transition from the email piece to your website; just 1 click!


Each email piece can and should be tagged for tracking; that way you can assign an actual value to each clicked email. Most third party email software will give you simple reports on “open rate”, “click-through rate”, and “bounce rate” but the truth is that you need full integration with your website so you gather relevant information such as “conversions”, “purchased products”, “geo-location”, “browsers”, “operating systems” and more. This will allow you to re-target each campaign to match your visitors’ behavior.

Tracking Email Campaigns


Did you know that an Email Campaign you send today can still generate revenue 3 to 4 months later? I’ve seen it! There is proof of that and that is HUGE! To be honest I thought everyone deleted email marketing pieces just like I do most of the time, but the truth is that many people keep them. Go figure. Well, that’s good for your business.

Did you know that a well developed email campaign can boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts? Ask me how!

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