A lot going on this weekend!

(Originally posted on 7/25/2010)

WOW! You wouldn’t believe how busy I was this weekend! Starting with Friday morning I called Volusion and Network Solutions (2 of the Top 10 Shopping Carts of 2010). I am going to be setting up trial stores to learn more about their features and be able to provide my customers with a broader selection of platforms. I can tell you right away that I liked their customer support, they were quick to answer, very friendly and sounded like they want my business. I was surprised to learn that Volusion offices are on the same city as BigCommerce (Austin, TX) and they are actually down the street from each other! I may go visit both of them one of these days.

Also Friday one of the BigCommerce stores saw a 400% increase in traffic after sending a mass e-mail. We saw a few orders, some bid requests form the Bid Request Page that we set-up. A Couple phone calls and even 2 walk-ins to the store! I am excited to see what happens tomorrow Monday. I will be checking my e-mail for any new orders over the weekend.

Also, another client e-mailed me on Friday evening and they are ready to have me start working on 5 new domains. I will be adding content, meta tags, and a few links. I had a three-way conference call today with the client and GoDaddy Support to set-up FTP access to all 5 domains. So as you can see I am on top of this.

Also Friday I had another client called and he is ready to start on his E-mail Marketing campaign. I am going to help him set-up a 10,000 e-mail list to get going on the e-mail marketing campaign efforts. I am hopping he will use my services to design and develop his Newsletters. I love marketing!

Another customer called and he is ready to move from a hosted shopping cart to a purchased license of Interspire Shopping cart and host it at a different hosting company. I suggested this to him since he is uploading somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 digital downloads in the next 2 to 3 years. Spending $300 a month is not wise since he can pay about $170/year for hosting and purchase the shopping cart license for $1700. I am all about saving my clients money. That’s why they stick with me.

What else…

Oh Yeah!! InterAct Cleaning has had a sweet spike on bid requests for Residential and Commercial Cleaning services. They were busy all weekend receiving requests from their website, calling, e-mailing, and visiting new prospects; which I am glad to inform they acquired all these new accounts. Way to go InterAct Cleaning!! All this happened thanks to some SEO work I did about a week ago. They don’t use a shopping cart but I built their website, so I am proud of them none the less. If you need house cleaning svcs. in Denver, CO visit them today! www.interactcleaning.com

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and remember to keep checking back. I haven’t heard from you yet, so drop me a line one of these days.

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