Bad Name for a Shopping Cart Platform?

Now, at we review shopping carts as they come and go, but the name of this cart is actually… how should we put it… BAD.

The name of the Shopping Cart is ShoppingCart2011. Does that make sense to anyone? I mean… right from the get go, we are on 2012 and this sounds to me like an outdated platform.

Now, they changed the name to ShoppingCart2012 (and purchased such domain name), but can you imagine all the trouble they most go through every year to update their site, plus tons of redirects to update search engines and avoid broken links?

We can’t even begin to imagine why someone would give a specific year number to the name of an eCommerce platform. Is there a good reason? Please tell us.

Anyhow, we noticed that they probably don’t plan to stay in business very long (or may be changing their name soon) because is available right now.

What do you think?


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