Best Blog for BigCommerce Stores

Integrating a Blog with your BigCommerce store is the best way to add unique content to your website and attract more traffic.

And here is why Blogger and BigCommerce make the perfect match
Blogger and BigCommerce
As we all know there is only one option for integrating a blog into BigCommerce and that is using a subdomain. We won’t get into the SEO discussion of Subfolder vs. Subdomain today but you can read our post regarding this topic.

Watch the following video!

Now try it here: (store) (blog)

Blogger (aka Blogspot) is owned by Google so it’s content gets indexed very quickly. Their hosted platform gives you extreme control over the look and feel of your blog and allows seamless integration between the 2 platforms.

Here is a short list of custom options:

  • Custom subdomain url
  • Custom Favicon
  • Custom background
  • Custom Search box
  • Custom Top Navigation
  • Custom Main Navigation
  • Custom body
  • Custom footer

With this and more you can highly customize your blog to match your BigCommerce online store.

Probably the best feature is that you can integrate your Blog’s search box with your store’s search results page.

Removing the so common Blue Top navigation bar from Blogger is also possible as well as replacing their orange Favicon that would easily give away that you are using a Blogger account. Not that there is anything wrong about using Blogger but the fact that you can achieve a custom look is our main focus.

You can also remove Blogger’s link from your footer and add your own content and links.

From start to finish, there are no limits to what you can customize and do on Blogger to match your BigCommerce online store. This is why we decided to name Blogger as THE BEST blog option for BigCommerce stores and this also goes to the Interspire shopping cart (BigCommerce’s licensed version).


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