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All-in-All: 2 THUMBS UP (Super Time-Saver!)


If you are looking to switch ecommerce platforms for an existing online store; look no further. Cart2Cart is the easy and time-saving choice.

Cart2Cart offers an automated, one-click solution to migrate all your products at once. Whether you have 100 products or 1,000 products, save your time and save your money.

Cart2Cart offers a great value for the price. At only $69 USD for 720 products (per our test) it really saved us huge amounts of time. Pricing is based on the Source Shopping Cart, Target Shopping Cart and Number of Products to Migrate. Cart2Cart supports migrations between more than 45 “most-popular” shopping carts. Including Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3dCart, CoreCommerce, OpenCart, OSCommerce, Shopify, WP eCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart, and many more.

You can try their service with a FREE DEMO which will migrate 10 products at no cost. Once you are satisfied with the result you can then proceed to a “Full Migration”. Setting up the DEMO really takes you through the whole process of setting it up so the Full Migration is just one click away.

The Complete Review:

We ran our test migrating an online store from OSCommerce to BigCommerce. Cart2Cart requires you to upload a few files unto your Source Shopping Cart. Once you do that you can proceed to run the migration. Cart2Cart is web-based service and their control panel will keep you updated of it’s progress. Once it finishes retrieving your source data Cart2Cart will output 2 CSV files. One for for Products and one for Customers.

Product Migration:

Cart2Cart’s CSV file was able to retrieve all the important information from the source shopping cart including
•    Category
•    Subcategory
•    Images
•    Price
•    Stock Quantities
•    Product Description
•    Weight
•    SKU numbers

Customer Migration:

Cart2Cart’s CSV file was able to retrieve all the important information from the source shopping cart including
•    Name
•    Last Name
•    Company Name
•    Email
•    Phone number
•    Address

Cart2Cart uses a “credits” payment base. You can buy credits directly from their system and they use 2Checkout as their payment gateway which is a safe and secure way of making only purchases.

At least in our experience, Cart2Cart did not do the whole migration itself, rather it provided us with the necessary files to do an easy upload of all the products from our source store. Their documentation talks about installing files on the Target platform that can actually perform the entire migration for you but we did not test that.

Our Only Unexpected Delay:

After running our Demo migration we decided to purchase credits and run the Full Migration. It was then when the system started to work on the Full Migration that we experienced an unexpected behavior from the service. The progress bar got stuck on 0% for about 30 minutes until we decided to stop looking and come back the next morning to find out it was ready. We really expected to see progress during those loong 30 minutes looking at the screen. We didn’t know if we could sign-out and come back. We didn’t know if we would loose our progress or even our $69 USD in credits. It was until about 35 minutes that we saw a little message that stated that we could log-out and come back. So we did and went back the next morning. Everything was fine and our files we ready to be downloaded and imported into the Target Shopping Cart.

Uploading the files into our Target Shopping Cart was a breeze. Detailed instructions from Cart2Cart walk us through the steps and the upload of new products and customers took only 2 minutes.

“Huge Time-Saver!”


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