Changing the Landing Page of a QR Code

So here is the scenario; you ran a marketing campaign using QR Codes and now the promotion ended. How do you change the Landing Page of your pre-printed QR Codes? After all you cannot change the printed QR Code, right?

You have a couple options
  • Change the content of your Landing Page
  • Create a 301 Redirect
  • Use JavaScript to redirect traffic to a new landing page

Change the Content of the Landing Page

Depending on how you set up your campaign from the very beginning you may easily change the content of the original landing page to notify visitors that the sale or promotion has ended. You can use this option when you created a specific landing page for your campaign and regular visitors don’t use it or need it. However, if you indeed need that page, you will encounter some confused visitors until the campaign finally dies out. This is the least professional way of handling things, you don’t want frustrated or confused visitors.

Create a 301 Redirect

Use this approach when you have created a specific link to the promotion for the QR Code campaign. 301 Redirects tell the browser where the original page has been moved to. It can be anything else like “ExpiredPromotion.html” where you can display a nice little message letting your visitors know that the promotion has ended. This is a great way to send all expired campaigns to a single end page.

Use JavaScript

If you do not have access to create 301 Redirects you may use JavaScript on the original page to automatically direct visitors to a secondary landing page. Similar to the 301 redirects you can send all expired campaigns to this single page and invite visitors to see your current promotions.

Always monitor your QR Code campaigns and enforce the expiration date. Make sure to be very clear that the promotion has ended but that you have much more to offer! Other sales or similar product may be a great way to keep the visitor interested and may lead to a conversion instead of loosing the sale.

Happy Mobile Selling!

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