Content Freshness to Boost Conversion Rates

For eCommerce businesses to be successful it is essential that you let your visitors know that there is a team of people on the other side of the screen ready to take their order.

An easy way to do this is by displaying time sensitive content on your website or online store. Things like promotional banners with a short deadline or messages about recent events or better yet, upcoming events. This conveys freshness and lets your visitors know that someone is keeping an eye on your store.

Short Sales

Another way to do this is running short sales, an by “short” I mean 3 months max. This will give your visitors a sense of urgency to place their order and you will push the conversion rate. Make sure sales are meaningful and don’t run sales without a real plan. Make sure to take your sale down once the deadline has been reached. Not taking your prices back to regular price will hurt your credibility as a serious online business. Once the sale is gone, IS GONE! But wait! Move on to the next Sale and put different products at a discounted price; now visitors know you are serious when you say “Sale Ends…” and they better hurry and purchase those products they need.

Product Messages

Most shopping carts have an option to display messages across your entire inventory pages. If they don’t offer such option you can always hard code it into your Product page HTML code and update as necessary. Having access to the shopping cart Source Code is basic when choosing your eCommerce platform like we discussed on previous posts.

Here is an effective example:

Effective Time Sensitive Promotion example

This website updates their top message every morning, so if you were to visit their store today you would see today’s date.


Use Twitter

Another option is to embed a Twitter widget on your Home page and show updated information like the example below:

Show the Twitter Widget for Fresh ContentTwitter is a great tool for content freshness!
Use it to your advantage.

This example has several aspects that deserve to be outlined:

  1. It has a money saving incentive (20% Off).
  2. Interaction; visitors are encouraged to Tweet back to get the Coupon Code.
  3. Engaging; visitors must start following via Twitter.
  4. Time Sensitive; offer expires on 9/3.
  5. Freshness, you can see it was deployed 30 minutes ago.


Search Engines Love Fresh Content

It is not new for you to learn that search engines favor websites with fresh content, so give them what they want when they crawl your website.

“Keeping fresh content on your Home page and
throughout your entire store will help you rank better, get more visitors,
and raise your conversion rate.”

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