Ecwid Review

In the world of eCommerce, choosing the right eCommerce Platform for you online store is no easy task. With so many options of there, it’s easy to loose track of what each of them have to offer. That’s why today, we present to you, our Ecwid Review.

eCommerce Widget or Ecwid for short is exactly that; an eCommerce Widget that can be added to any website, blog or Facebook page. However, you can also have a stand-alone store using their platform.

Super easy to SIGN UP for service, specially with the $0 price tag! Taking their platform for a spin will probably take you 1 hour of your day at most and you will get plenty of information whether or not this is the right platform for you.

But let’s dig into some of the details about Ecwid.

Here is a screenshot of your Control Panel

Ecwid Control Panel

From the beginning you are greeted by a Setup Wizard that will guide you step-by-step through the setup options. Basic setup will probably take 30 minutes. Including adding your 1st product and deleting the sample products.

Unfortunately the dashboard is NOT very intuitive, like clicking on the Top left Ecwid logo pops up a new tab with Ecwid Home Page. Usually the main logo will bring you back to your Dashboard on other eCommerce Platforms so we found this odd.

A few nice things about Ecwid are the super extensive list of Currencies supported by this platform, as well as the equally extensive list of Languages (over 40 languages are included!).

Their shipping integration are good enough for most eCommerce Retailers which include UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, among others. Using their USPS default account enables you to get live quotes without setting up an account with USPS.

Ecwid Shippers

Something that’s lacking from their Setup Wizard is Tax Setup. We are not sure why they decided to skip this important step, but you can always get there after finishing up the basic setup.

Did we mention Ecwid offers translation of your front-end to over 40 languages?! These languages can be enabled form the Control Panel and will kick in automatically based on the visitor’s browser settings.

Payment Gateway options are what you would expect from any decent eCommerce Platform. Your usual PayPal, PayPal Pro,, BeansStream, Stripe, etc come with easy integration.

All Ecwid template designs (3 in total) are Responsive Designs. Basically it’s just one template on 3 different base colors, but you can customize the CSS to make it look similar to your own website. Which bring us to the next point… NO HTML Source Code access to customize your store. Ecwid claims this is to prevent broken stores during future updates but not having this functionality can be a deal-breaker for many.

Ecwid Front End


Ecwid is a simple to use eCommerce Widget or add-on for any website. There aren’t many marketing tools included with it, but that’s under the assumption that you will be running most of your website using a different platform (such as WordPress). At $0 it can’t hurt to OPEN A FREE TRIAL, but be advised about the above and don’t expect much. It is really a quite basic eCommerce Solution.

Ecwid Button


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