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Email Marketing is the best marketing tool this days. Do you wonder why you get so many emails from stores and retailers with their special offers? It is because it works! It may not work on you every time, but when you are sending the same email to hundreds or even thousands of recipients, your chances to land a sale are somewhere between 3% and 6%. Multiply that by the number of emails you have in your list and there you have; strength in the numbers.

Never Spam:

There is nothing more irritating than a company spamming your Inbox. That’s the fastest way to have the consumer label the email as spam and drop their name from the list. So keep it simple but constant; 1 email/week is far more effective than 3 emails/week. So find the right balance between “enough-to-keep-them-on-the-list” frequency and “spamming”.

Full Email Marketing Tracking:

There are several platforms out there that will allow you to track “Opens”, “Clicks”, and “Bounced” emails but they lack one very important feature: CONVERSION RATE. It is impossible for this email marketing platforms to provide you with this kind of information because they are not tracking the visitor’s behavior once they reach your website. That is why you need to integrate your email marketing efforts with a separate tracking service. My favorite one: Google Analytics. It is free and most likely you already have it running on your website. If you are not, then you are missing out on some tremendously important data about your website; such as visits per day, referring sites, main keywords driving visits, conversions, and a lot more of other information that you need to run an effective online business.

Once you integrate your websites with Google Analytics, Google Analytics with your Email Marketing, and your Email Marketing with your website; then and only then, you will be able to quantify your Email Marketing efforts and realize how much money you are making out of each campaign.

Targeting Mobile Devices:

So more and more of us are checking our emails using our “Smart” phones. Now, it is time to adjust our Email Marketing campaign to target those devices. Small displays make it harder to read an email that was intended to be viewed on a computer screen so if you know your market and getting facts from your visitors browsers and platforms, start thinking about the limitations of a smart phone display and adjust accordingly.

The Right Landing Pages:

I have seen many times that Email Marketers create a campaign and all links on the email go to the Home Page of the site they are promoting. This can be very annoying and frustrating if you are clicking on a shirt picture and the link takes you to the Home Page where now you have to search for the product that got your attention. Honestly, most people will just close their browser at that point; so make sure that your images link to the specific products or services you are displaying. This is basic to drive your conversion rate up. The less clicks the more sales.

Adding Products to the Cart Right from the Email:

I have recently found that some Shopping Cart platforms will allow you to add products to the visitor’s cart from an email. So the idea behind this is to have a picture in your email displaying the product, the price, and an “Add to Cart” button. Your reader clicks on the picture and they get directed to your website’s Cart page where they find the product loaded in the cart ready to checkout. Again, fewer clicks, more conversions.

Getting Additional Help:

If you need help with your Email Marketing campaigns, contact me. I will be glad to point you in the right direction. I am also available for on-line or over the phone consultations or get help with Email Marketing in Denver CO.

Keep on selling!

-Daniel Olvera

Ecommerce and Email Marketing Consultant

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