Google Maps Street View Car

Hey everyone! Unrelated to Shopping Carts, I know; but I am excited because I saw today one of Google Maps’ cars down the street and I had to chase it for about 7 miles to get you some pictures.

I found this little guy cruising on I-70 in Denver, CO. Driving at the speed limit and just trying to remain unnoticed I guess, although it’s roof-mounted cameras stick out pretty clearly. This was a Subaru Impreza WRX with California license plates. There was only 1 person on board with what looked like a laptop on the passenger seat.

These cars are the ones that capture all the images for Street View option on Google Maps. All those street level images you see when you search for an address are captured by the cameras mounted on this kind of cars. I am sure they use many different makes and models but here is a glimpse on what they look like.

And here are the pictures:

Google Maps Car 2

Google Maps Car 4

Google Maps Car 3

Google Maps Car 1

Remember to list your online store on Google Maps! This is a great tool and is totally FREE. Be creative and maybe create some maps of your own and share them with your clients. See our example of Existing Clients for on Google Maps.


-Daniel O.

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