How (not provided) keyword affects eCommerce

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Most of you, eCommerce Entrepreneurs, use Google Analytics to track your traffic and your top referring keywords. With this new move from Google, blocking referrer keywords to be passed on to your reports, you may steer your online store blindly from now on.

This change came as Google turned it’s default search engine into SSL for all logged-in users. That means, if you are logged into any of Google services (Gmail, Google+, etc) you will be directed to the Secure search page by default. Searches ran using the secure page of Google will not pass referrer keyword information to the landing pages from the Results Page.

Not being able to track referring keywords means that you will not be able to track conversion rates per keyword, which will ultimately keep you and your business in the dark.

You may use the information provided to you by the Google Webmaster Tools control panel, but we all know this information is a couple days old and doesn’t allow for quick response to daily trends.

All-in-all, we join the community to express the negative impact on eCommerce, as this new Google search measure rolls-out to everyone.

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