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When you need the FASTEST conversion rates what you need is a DIRECT CHECKOUT SYSTEM.

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Direct Checkout is when your Landing Page IS your Checkout Page. Basically you provide a Product Page where your visitors have the product description, select product options (color, size, etc), select quantity, and then add shipping, billing address, credit card information and CLICK ONLY ONE BUTTON to submit their order.

Fewer clicks mean higher conversion rates. Most shopping carts funnel your customers through a series of steps such as Product Page, Cart Page and then Checkout page.

Direct Checkout landing pages are specially useful to companies running infomercials or companies using email newsletters or who offer only a few products.

If you choose to use the Direct Checkout system make sure to look into the NEXTERNAL Shopping Cart. This shopping cart provides a full featured shopping cart with the option of Direct Checkout for each product.


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Nexternal was originally created for companies running infomercials who require super reliable and stable servers to handle spikes of visitors without crashing. The people at Nexternal can setup your online store and move it to dedicated servers during specified time frames. Specifically for when your infomercial and your TV Ad is being aired.

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Customers of the Nexternal Shopping Cart include businesses featured on ABC’s Shark Tank which have received thousands of online visits in an extremely short amount of time.

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