Pinnacle Cart Review Version 3.7.10

Pinnacle Cart V 3.7.10Today we are reviewing Pinnacle Cart’s latest update with Version 3.7.10

We were glad to see that Pinnacle Cart released this update right on schedule. You can now take Version 3.7.10 for a TEST DRIVE when you open a new Trial Account.

First things first…

Opening our Trial Account was really simple. Enter your name, email address and a few other questions and you are all set. Pinnacle Cart does not give you instant access to your newly created store; instead, the system will send you a confirmation email where you need to click a link to confirm. This is just to protect themselves from hundreds of automated or spammy store requests. There was No Credit Card required at sign-up.

Once you click the link and open your Control Panel you will be presented with an 8-step wizard to help you add your company information and choose store layouts and designs. Their store designs are called “Skins”.

PCI-DSS Compliance

No problems in this area as Pinnacle Cart is fully accredited and in compliance with this standard. PCI-DSS compliance is required for online merchants who perform credit card transaction to provide a secure and encrypted transfer of data as well as restricted access to credit card information.


Pinnacle Cart allows you for full customization of your Online Store by providing access to the HTML and CSS source codes. Just go to Cart Settings/Appearance Settings and click on “Activate Cart Designer” to enter it’s design mode. There you can customize font colors, size, layouts, and just about anything you could change on your store. It’s Cart Designer mode is an easy Drag-And-Drop interface. Pinnacle Cart allows for easy and quick branding removal so nobody will know which eCommerce Platform you are using.


The first thing we wanted to jump on was their New QR Code generator. Right under Cart Settings/Global Cart Settings/QR Codes Settings. We were gladly impressed by the engine as it allows you to create QR Codes on different formats (jpg, png, and gif). This engine also allows you choose presets for web, printed materials, or custom settings. Another highlight is the fact that when enabled, your store will generate 2 QR Codes for each product in your store; one to the Product Page and one to ADD TO CART the specific product. This is awesome as we were just showing people how to do it on Carts that don’t offer this built in functionality.

Shipping Options

Shipping options on Pinnacle Cart are good. You may select from Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, or USPS both for domestic and international shipping. You may select countries individually if you want to narrow your shipping options. Custom methods for calculating shipping in your store are also available so you can use weight based, flat rate, price based, etc.

Adding Products

Pinnacle Cart allows you to do a Bulk Import of products using a CSV file or a one-by-one product upload.


All we could see on Pinnacle Cart’s affiliate marketing integration was the iDevAffiliate program. At this point it looks like Pinnacle Cart DOES NOT integrate with any other affiliate marketing system. eMail Marketing settings come pre-integrated with MailChimp although we know you can add your own Signup Form HTML code from any other service such as iContact or Constant Contact.

Social Integration

Easy one-step integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Google+, Digg, and Delicious. We did not see a Facebook Shop option and this may be a problem for those of you who want to sell on Facebook; although it does give you the option to enter a Facebook Application ID so you can connect it with plug-ins and such. It may be a little more complicated than what we have seen elsewhere.

Localization & Languages

We really like Pinnacle Cart’s localization options. It comes preloaded in the English language but you can easily create your own “template” by duplicating the English template and then editing the individual system messages. You can also have multiple languages and currencies set in your store so visitors can choose how they want to browse your website. Visitors can also mix languages and currencies to their best fit. Currencies are easy to set from within the Localization, Languages, and Currencies settings.

Payment Gateways

Pinnacle Sart offers integration with all major payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout,, Amazon Simple Pay, Intuit Payment Services, and over 30 more payment gateway options.

Other Features of Pinnacle 3.7.10:

  • This cart is Drop-shipping friendly
  • This cart is Wholesale friendly
  • No built-in Blog
  • One-page checkout
  • Plenty of admin reports
  • Excellent Mobile store


Control Panel

Overall, Pinnacle Cart’s Control Panel is user-friendly. Easy to navigate and find the things you are looking to manage in your store. It does lack a little on the visual elements where things look a bit too square for our liking but it is still a good interface.

Our overall experience: GOOD


Closing Notes:

Pinnacle Cart Version 3.7.10 packs a lot of functionalities needed for today’s eCommerce business. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is very hard to use and 10 is really easy to use, we give Pinnacle Cart a rating of 7. As trial users we were also left hanging on the Chat Support for quite a while with 1 simple question. We recommend this cart to people with previous experience with eCommerce platforms and not to beginners. Definitely one of the best solutions for online merchants looking for a multi-lingual multi-currency online store.

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