Providing a Way to Log Out

Providing a way for your customers to log out adds security and builds trust in your website.

We all are (or should be) very careful when we purchase something online; we look for the HTTPS on the address bar, maybe a lock icon in the browser window, some kind of authentication seal, or anything that can make us feel safe about entering our credit card information to make a purchase.

That’s all great and every online shopping cart should provide these to build trust and get closer to a sale. But what about the moment right after you placed an order? I am talking about the Confirmation page; “Thank You, we received your order”. Now what do you do?

People should be provided with a Print option so they can print their confirmation right then; and then what? Don’t you feel like something is missing? Maybe not on your end. You as a merchant should have received your sale notification, and the funds are being transferred soon, but your visitor may be asking “How do I log out?”, “Should I just go back to the Home page?”, “Am I finished?”.

Don’t let your visitors doubting at this point. You should be guiding them all the way to the end and this can really set you apart from your competition.

Adding a Log Out Option

This button or link should be placed right on the Confirmation page. Simple and visible; so now your customer can click “Finish and Log Out” and feel absolutely confident that the transaction was sent, you received their order, and they are ready to go.

It is simple things like this that can help you create repeat customers.

This idea came from a client who mentioned “I feel awkward after placing an order and just closing the window without logging out”. Have you had this feeling? Don’t let that happen to your customers. Provide THE BEST shopping experience to propel your store to the top in your industry.

Good luck and happy online selling!

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