Security Warning Popup on Mobile Shops

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Security Warning - AndroidHave you been having troubles while looking at your store from a Mobile Device? Are you getting the annoying Security Warning popup window when you visit your site?

Security Warning reads: “There are problems with the security certificate for this site. This certificate is not from a trusted authority.”

If so, we can help you narrow the problem and get it fixed in no time.

It just happened that we were working on a client’s site this morning and this Security Warning came up after a few updates.

We were able to identify the problem and in this case the Security Warning popup was being triggered by a script that was part of a badge. Many of you have badges on your eCommerce store; anything from Credit Card logos, to Hosting badges, BBB badges, UpFront Merchant badges, and like we had today, a PayLeap badge.

Well, it just happened that the PayLeap badge script was causing our error. These kind of badge/script combos are very common when you open an account or signup for such services and embedding them into your store’s source code can be causing your problem as well.

How to Solve It

Simply remove the script and keep the image. Most regular shoppers don’t click on these badges anyway and we know we all use them to provide a sense of safety and to show off our affiliations. Between displaying an ugly Security Warning and keeping the script, we would definitely settle for the image or badge itself without the script.

Give this fix a shot and don’t forget to share your results using our Comment box below.


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