Subfolder Vs Subdomain for your Blog

There has been a long debate between Search Engine Optimizers about whether if it is best to integrate a blog with your online store as a Subfolder (ej. or as a Subdomain (ej.

Many claimed that a Subfolder is best because then it is part of your same domain or site and a Subfolder was not as good because it was viewed by search engines as a “separate site”.

For many online merchants that run their eCommerce sites on hosted solutions; integrating a blog into their online stores as a Subfolder has not been an option and they have been always pushing to be able to do so.

Well, the truth is that now there is no difference to Google. Subdomains ( are viewed as part of the same site even when the host names are not identical.

Based on yesterday’s update to Google’s Webmaster Central THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Here is the exact text as it appears on Google’s Webmaster Central “Authorship” post updated on June 7, 2011:
Google uses a variety of algorithms to determine whether two URLs are part of the same site. For example,,, and can all be considered as part of the same site, even though the hostnames are not identical.

Their language is very clear and there are no gray areas. Subdfolders and Subdomains can all be considered as part of the same site.

If you would like to read it directly from Google’s Webmaster Central click here.

Options to integrate Blog by Shopping Cart:

SHOPPING CART on Subdomain on Subfolder
BigCommerce Yes No
Volusion Yes No
Fortune3 Yes Yes
ShopSite Pro Yes Yes

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