The Importance of Up Selling Tools

Up Selling tools are like the impulse buy racks at your local grocery store. These racks contain easy-to-grab products while you are waiting to checkout.

Up Sell ToolsOn the online world, up selling tools can be really useful and quite profitable.

Lets say for instance, your visitor has added a black pair of sweat pants and you have the matching jacket on sale. A well optimized up selling tool would notify your visitor that the matching jacket for the pants he/she just added to the cart is also available. People who have added the sweat pants to their cart are more likely to add the jacket when presented with the opportunity. Maybe they were not thinking about getting a jacket on the first place, but now that you have presented it to them and they have a reason to get it, they may just be compelled to add it to the cart as well.

Up Selling Tools Can Be Customized

A good shopping cart would present you with 2 options on the admin area.

1.- Automatically Match and Detect Related Products. This option will set the cart to “learn from experience”. Basically the cart will keep track of which products are purchased collectively and will start to generate suggestions on future visits.

2.- Select Specific Related Products. This option will provide you with a drop-down or display of the products in your store and you manually select which products are related. This is very useful when you are pushing a certain combination or bundle of products.

Every online merchant could benefit from Up Selling tools so, if you are looking to sign up for service with a new shopping cart, make sure Up Selling tools are part of the software. If you are already up and running, look through your admin area and try to locate and activate your Up Selling tools to boost your average order value.

Happy Up Selling!

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