Uploading Your Products to Google Base

Google Base (aka Google Shopping) is a FREE service from Google. Using this free tool can generate a lot of new traffic to your online store. Google Shopping results get indexed and displayed on the Main Search Results Page of Google.

You can upload your inventory to Google Base in 2 ways:

  • Upload File (Manually)
  • Upload Feed (Automatically)


Uploading a File to Google Base

Advanced shopping cart software will allow you to download a CSV file from your online store. This file contains all of your products along with URL’s and detailed product information that can then be uploaded to Google Base. This method is a manual method because you have to download the file, edit the file to make it match Google Base’s criteria and upload it once. The problem with this method is that if something changes in your store, like product price, you will need to make that adjustment in your spreadsheet manually and re-upload. Not very convenient.

Uploading Feed to Google Base

The upload feed feature is the one we recommend you use. This method requires you to have a shopping cart capable of producing an appropriate feed that is compatible with Google Base’s feed format. Your feed should be a URL that you can then setup in Google Base to be fetched on a set schedule. Our recommendation is to set it to be fetched once a day; if you don’t update your online store as often, then you may want to hold back to once a week. This method is automatic, you will receive confirmation every time your feed is fetched with the number of products that were inserted into the Google Shopping’s system.

It usually takes only a few hours for you to be able to browse Google Shopping and find your uploaded products. The best way to find yourself is to go to Google Shopping and type your store’s web address (www.myonlinestorename.com), that will then show you the products indexed from your online store.

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