Using Cookies to Increase Conversion Rates

Using a shopping cart that can deploy Cookies to your visitors’ computers can help you increase your conversion rates and save incomplete orders.

Scenario; lets say that you have a visitor browsing your store. He or she adds several products to the shopping cart, then the visitor gets distracted or runs out of time and needs to close the browser’s sesion. If your shopping cart did not set a cookie on the visitor’s computer then the order gets lost. 30 minutes later the same visitor comes back to your store and finds out that his/her shopping cart has been wiped out. Frustrated customer doesn’t want to start the whole process again, gets discouraged and goes shop somewhere else.

Stop loosing sales by using cookies!


First of all lets define “Cookie”

A Cookie is a very small file that is stored on the visitor’s computer while browsing your store.

Are Cookies legal?

Yes, but we recommend you disclose the use of cookies in your site’s Privacy Policy page. Cookies are a way to track visitors’ interaction with your online store.

How can You (and your customers) benefit from cookies?

Cookies store data in your visitors’ computers so that if they leave your store before completing the order, all the items in their shopping cart can be retrieved when they come back to your online store.

Do all Shopping Carts Deploy Cookies?

Not all shopping carts deploy cookies to the visitor’s computer but using a shopping cart that does can really help you increase your conversion rates.

When choosing a shopping cart for your online store always ask about cookies and find out if the shopping cart will do this automatically.

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