Using QR Codes for eCommerce

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Say “Hello” to the brand new QR Code for Shopping Carts for Websites.

This weird, funny looking code is called a “QR Code” which is short for “Quick Response Code”. Originally developed in Japan back in 2002 has grown in popularity on that side of the world as a Hyperlink for printed media.

Although this technology is slowly catching up in America it is already recognized by 90% of the population in Japan and used on a daily basis by about 50% of it’s population. In Japan more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet and that means less users on a desktop or laptop computer.

How Can I use QR Technology for my Online Business?

QR Codes are most useful when utilized on Printed Media. Think of them as printed Hyperlinks; a bridge between printed materials and an online resource or web page. The best way to use them is to print them on your business cards, print them on Sale Fliers, T-Shirts or bumper stickers.

I have a customer who is running a viral campaign using round “business” cards with nothing else but a QR Code and a teaser line. He leaves these everywhere he goes. People see it, get curious, next thing they are scanning the code and going straight to my customer’s website. Then it is just matter of turning them into paying customers. Be creative! There are hundreds of possibilities.

Here is another example; another customer has a printed guide on how to operate one of their machines. I suggested recording brief 20 second videos for each step of the process. Uploaded the videos to YouTube, grabbed the link, created QR Codes for each and printed them on the QuickStart Guide for their machines. Now their customers are out on the field, they need to figure out one of the steps, scan the QR Code and they get to watch the video right there from their Smart Phone. Bingo! Happy customers, they generate some “buzz”, brand recognition, more calls, more visits, more traffic, MORE MONEY.

Are QR Codes Free?

Yes! You can go to several different QR Code generators and create any number of them to start experimenting. Just google “qr code generator”. It literally takes 2 seconds to generate a QR Code. Once you generate it, save it to your computer and you are set. TIP: try saving it at the highest resolution so you can have big prints if you ever need to.

Can I Track Visits from QR Codes?

Yes! A simple way to do this is adding your Google Analytics campaign tracking code before generating the QR Code or you can sign up for a tracking service such as i-nigma’s.

What Kind of Application do I Need to Have on my Mobile Device to Scan QR Codes?

There are many option out on the web, most of them free, and you can install them to your smart phone in less than a minute. Many of the new smart phone come preloaded with this kind of scanning software so in the near future most phones will have this app as a default. Keep reading, there is a link below to download the software straight to your phone.

Show Me How it Works

Here are two videos from Japan than will explain how QR Codes can be used.

I Want to Get Started!

Here are some resources for you. These have been gathered from around the web and feel free to try them:

QR Code Generator: Kawaya




BeeTagg Reader

Downloading the BeeTagg reader can be done via four simple methods: visit directly via your mobile phone for a download link. Visit their website, enter your mobile phone number and BeeTagg will send you a SMS along with a link to the reader. You can also send a SMS with text BEE to +44 762 480 24 86 and they will send you a SMS back with a link to the reader.


The BeeTagg QR-Code reader is compatible with over 50 mobile phones including major brands such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Mio, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Siemens, SonyEricsson and SPV.

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