Viral Marketing for Online Stores

Have you ever dreamed of having your business featured on the Today Show or being found, liked, and twitted by millions of people? This is what a Viral Marketing Campaign can do for you.


Defining “Viral Marketing”

Viral Marketing refers to the compound effect achieved by the propagation of a marketing piece at high speed rates over the web. Viral Marketing takes place on-line as it is the fastest way of communication. Like a biological virus being passed from person to person an online viral effect takes place when a person shares online content with another person. Having the fact that the online world is now connected through social media, posting a single comment on Facebook or Twitter can immediately reach a handful of people which at the same time will continue to spread the campaign to their own group of people and so on.


Coming up with a Viral Marketing Campaign

Most viral marketing pieces happen by chance. They are things that cannot be predicted and that cannot be experienced on the normal flow of events… a “once in a lifetime“. ┬áThink of anything that has gone viral on the last year and understand why YOU watched it, shared it, or bought it.


Handling the Viral Effect

Viral Marketing can be the most Cost Effective way to advertise your business but make sure your systems can handle the spike. There have been well documented cases where the spike in traffic from a single viral campaign shut down operations for it’s creator. There was the case of a photo sharing site that got knocked down by a surge on visits from a single well known artist sharing a picture of the traffic in LA via his Twitter page. The photo sharing service servers could not handle the amount of traffic and shut down, leaving the recipient of the newly acquired traffic completely down.

It doesn’t matter if you sell the single most boring product in the world, viral marketing works for eCommerce. Selling wood chips for landscaping? Content gone viral? You will become the best well known wood chip retailer in the world and orders will start rolling in; no questions asked.

Important Rules of Viral Marketing

  1. Always include your site’s web address
  2. Keep it short and simple
  3. Use simple language
  4. Make it available
  5. Follow through



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