WHAT to sell Online

What to Sell Online

Looking to sell something online but you don’t know WHAT to sell? Here is the first article on a series of “What, Where, How, Why, and When to Sell Online“.

There are a million things you can sell on the web today. The best part is that there is people out there looking to buy the weirdest things you can imagine. Choose between a Brand New product or selling a Well Known product. Both options can prove profitable if done right.

Selling a Brand New Product:

Selling a brand new product on the web can be really exciting but positioning it on the market is no easy task. You need to build credibility; and the web is the perfect place to do that. We recommend you create videos about your product, tons of videos. Show your target buyer using it and how it makes his or her life better. Always focus on the benefits of your product and not on the product itself.

Selling a Well Known Product:

Selling a well known product on the web is easier for many reasons. People know the product, people know how to use the product, people know the name of the product and search for it online. Your selling edge will come from either offering the best price, the fastest or cheapest shipping or a combination of all 3.

Finding the Right Product to Sell Online:

The key to successful eCommerce is finding a product or group of products that you personally like. There is nothing worse than trying to sell a product you don’t like or you don’t believe in. When you like what you sell you will have lots of good things to say about it and that kind of content is worth a lot on the online world. Search engines benefit original content and original content flows easily when you have something to say about the product itself.

Brainstorming Ideas:
  • Write an ebook and distribute it online.
  • Your best home-made product.
  • An invention.
  • Software.
  • Your passion (paintings, photography, sculptures).
  • Something everyone needs in a regular basis.


Always aim for the lowest cost product and highest markup margin. Do your research online and find who else is selling what you want to sell. Is the market saturated with suppliers? Are their prices too low to compete? Do you have something different to offer to the consumer?

Next article; Where to Sell Online.


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