WHEN to Sell Online

When to Sell Online

Please answer the following questions about your business:

  • Do you think there is people interested in your products outside your city?
  • Are you competitors selling online already?
  • Have you found online forums of people asking where to purchase your products?
  • Is there a trend or recent interest in your line of products?


If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, the time to sell online is NOW.

Delay is not your friend and every minute you spend deciding whether on not to open an online store is another minute of advantage that you give to your competition.

I recently heard an excellent quote that applies perfectly to online business; “There are no great companies that make slow decision, only great companies that make quick decision”. Think about it for a minute, then keep reading.

Slow decisions slow businesses, moving forward quickly can only prove one of two things; either online business is not a good fit for you OR online business is an excellent fit for you. Either way, finding out sooner rather than later will help your business move forward.

We are now getting closer the busiest online selling season of the year and it is expected to be the largest online selling season ever on the ecommerce industry. eCommerce sales have been increasing steadily for years. Even the world-wide economic slowdown has proven beneficial to online merchants as consumers still want to purchase products but are researching online for the best deals.

WHEN is the best time to sell online? The time is NOW.

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