WHY to Sell Online?

Why to Sell Online

We already talked about WHAT, WHERE, and HOW to Sell Online, but have you asked yourself WHY Should I Sell Online? Are there any real advantages to having an online store? Should I make this move and spread my operations to the Online world? Maybe you already have a brick-and-mortar retail store but are still wondering if you should try to open an online store to reach more customers.

This year, more people than last year will be shopping online. With faster internet connections, mobile applications, and cheaper eCommerce software it is easier now than ever to open an online store.

There are many advantages to opening an Online Store:

  1. Low Start-up Cost
  2. World Wide Reach
  3. Extended Hours (open 24/7)
  4. Automation


Low Start-up Cost

With as little as $19 / month you can start selling online. You can start slow by adding just your best selling products and then, as your store  starts generating more revenue, start adding all your other products to your online inventory.


World Wide Exposure

It is true. You can have an online store and market to the entire world for pennies a day. Start a good Search Engine Marketing campaign and drive traffic to your online store. All you need is good products, at a reasonable price, speedy shipping and people will start talking about you and sending you more customers.


Extended Hours

Open your online store and be open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You don’t even need to be awake for your online store to be selling. Get up in the morning and start processing orders received over night or over the weekend.



Capture credit card transaction, create follow-up emails, invoices, request product reviews and many other tasks can be automated from your store’s control panel so you can have a great customer service without having to pickup the phone every time. Let technology do the work for you.


Other important advantages of online retailing include:


Detailed product images. “Images say a thousand words” and it is true. Display plenty of pictures about your product so people know exactly what they are buying.


Video. Using free video sharing sites such as YouTube can help you create product specific videos and engage visitors to place an order. It is you to the power of X! Online you can be demoing your product to hundreds of people at the same time while running your operations and spend time only on those visitors who place an order.


Sell without actually having the product at hand. Drop-shipping is widely known on the online retail industry. This method requires you to establish a relationship with trusted wholesale distributors that will ship your orders as soon as you get them. The benefit comes from not having to keep ANY stock but selling those items that your wholesale supplier has available. You get the order, you get the money, you forward the order to your supplier, they ship it, you pay them and keep the difference.


Next article; When to Sell Online.


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