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Do you own a Smart Phone or a Tablet PC? If so, then your internet browsing habits are surely changing.

As we go through 2012 the mobile shopping market share will be increasing considerably. You as a merchant should be considering your options quite closely in the months to come to remain competitive and innovating in your industry.

The top 3 mobile platforms and their users are:

  • Android (Users are more likely to be younger crowd, spend money, impulse shopping)
  • iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod (Users are more likely to be middle-age group, higher income, comparison shopping)
  • Blackberry (Users are more likely to be business people, intelligent shopping)

Creating a Mobile Store should only be an extra-tool and not your only-tool. Still consumer behavior shows that people feel safer shopping from their computers than from their smart phones, so both versions of your store should be ready and available to your consumers.

eBay reported their Top 5 U.S. States by Mobile Sales Volume and they ranked as follows:

  1. California
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Florida
  4. Indiana
  5. Ohio

According to ABI Research, U.S. mobile sales are divided as follows:

  • Travel: 31%
  • Computer/Electronics: 20%
  • Apparel: 13%
  • Books/Music/DVD’s: 9%
  • Office Supplies: 7%
  • Housewares/Home Furnishings: 6%
  • Entertainment Tickets: 3%
  • All Others: 11%

World wide research shows that by 2015 , shoppers around the world are expected to spend $119 Billion on goods and services via mobile which represents about 8% of the total eCommerce market.

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