Right-handed Left-handed Shopping Carts

Starting this morning with some really useful reading about Mobile Web Development got me thinking… “Shouldn’t mobile shopping carts be tailored to either right-handed or left-handed users?“.

I can tell you that I carry around a large HTC EVO and usually browse the web using my left hand. Following the principle of “one eyeball and one thumb“; sometimes it can be hard and uncomfortable to try to reach to the upper-right corner of the screen to click on something. I can’t imagine I am the only one having this problem so… giving me/the user a left-handed or right-handed mobile browing experience would definitely:

  1. Speed up browsing.
  2. Would maximize conversions.


The “one eyeball and one thumb” principle comes from reading “MOBILE FIRST” by Luke Wroblewski which opens up some interesting questions and provides good insight into Mobile Development, specially Mobile eCommerce as that’s what clicks with us. “One eyeball and one thumb” refers to the fact that most mobile users will be multi-tasking so only using one hand to control the mobile device while keeping an eye on the TV, a child, or the next trip hazard.

Now… first thought was “provide a clickable option on the store’s landing page”. Second thought said “eliminate the click”. Third thought said “mobile devices need a sensor to detect left-handed or right-handed user interaction“.

Mobile devices are full of sensors these days so adding one to detect left-handed or right-handed interaction shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Specially considering that everyone can benefit from this technology.

Who benefits from providing a Left-handed/Right-handed experience?

  • The manufacturer (good reviews, more sales)
  • The user (faster browsing, comfort and custom feel)
  • The merchant (higher conversions)


Imagine a Left-handed/Right handed navigation. Now THAT would be sweet!

The mobile web keeps adapting to the users but there are still a few things that feel unnatural to the user. Having to use both hands during mobile browsing is standing on the way of eating my cereal while browsing my favorite store’s catalogue!

Now we open up the Comments section below for all of you. What’s your opinion?


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