Volusion Announces Improved Site Performance Through CDN

Great news for Volusion’s clients.┬áVolusion has announced today their partnership with Akamai through their CDN which stands for “Content Distribution Network”. Volusion will now mirror all their existing clients’ stores to 95,000 servers across the Globe.

How does this impact Performance?

Everytime a visitor clicks on a link or types the URL to your store the network will find the closest server to provide  the content. Farther physical distance to the server means longer wait times (load times), closer physical distance to the server means FASTER LOAD TIMES. With 95,000 servers mirroring your site from Australia, Africa, South-America, Europe, Asia, and North-America, your visitors will be able to browse your store much faster than before.

Downtimes will also be improved as one server will be backed up by roughly 94,999 other servers.

How Does This Affect Business?

  • Faster load time means happier visitors, happy visitors translate to higher conversion rates.
  • It is well known that search engines such as Google give extra points to faster loading sites when ranking for organic results.
  • Less downtime means less lost sales and less hassles.


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